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200 Day Hiatus Challenge - Day 73 -Favorite Dream Sequence

C.H.U.M.S- or the one where Blaine and Kurt make out

Episode 5.13: New Directions

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Fireworks and Pizza. - A Klaine short story


So he is a little Klaine story for you guys. Set in Florence, Italy, we see a little of them on their holiday.

Note I haven’t had chance to check everything so there might be a few spelling and grammer mistakes since I’m not at home. So enjoy.

The streets of Florence, Italy were packed with people as the spring sun shinned upon the crowd enjoying what the city had to offer below. Kurt rushes through the people, with one hand above his body holding his camera above him hoping to get a decent picture while keeping it safe from the people pushing against him. He swears under his breath as a local man pushes into him almost knocking him flying. Without a word an apology he wanders off as if nothing has ever happened leaving Kurt slightly shocked.

The square is packed with tourists and locals all trying to take a look at what is happening over the barriers. Kurt can’t see it but he can hear the “wows” and the “oohs” but he doesn’t know what it’s for. He tries to move closer but doesn’t make it that far. Every now and then he see’s flags fly into the air and come back down at great speed. He begins to speed up, he feels like a chid again. He wants to discover what’s on the other side.

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